Get Bliss. Disguised as Bread.

Your life probably moves pretty fast. So we take our time to bake each specialty, artisan loaf of Crazy Good Bread with deliciousness so stunning, your mouth has to slow down and savor. Salt mixes with sweet. Sour dances with bitter, nutty wheat tones linger on and on. You’d talk about it like fine wine if you weren’t fixated on another crusty, luxurious bite. Be our guest! Treat yourself to bliss. And if mid-chew you find yourself wondering how it would pair with that cheese, jam, or wine, that’s all part of the point. Let our bread discoveries inspire yours. Be Breadventurous!

As Seen In

“Instead of sending flowers or fruit, how about a gorgeous loaf of bread? Crazy Good Bread makes a gift that is unique and satisfying. ”
SB Digs

“Using bread as a canvas, the seasons inspire her flavors, from the popular Lemon Country loaf in the summer, to Pumpkin Spice Pecan in fall.”
—Santa Barbara Independent

“elevating bread’s status and encouraging customers to have fun exploring flavor combos”
—805 Living



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