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Concrete Countertop

Concrete Countertop

Concrete countertop – But did you ever imagined concrete countertops? Many people who choose concrete granite or solid surface mounted to re-formation of the kitchen. Sure, it is hard and durable concrete. But why would you want to make this rugged, hard-working key feature of the gray industrial in your kitchen, the heart of your home?

First and foremost, forget the gray and rough. What began as a coarse, yellow, low-budget experimental housing industry in 1970 has matured into an industry in itself. Today artisans craft individual Concrete countertop with the specifications of their clients exactly in terms of form and function. Each is an original work of art, and the expression of personal homeowner.

The materials used in the concrete slabs

There are Coarse and fine aggregate expense of the greater proportion of concrete. Designers must carefully choose the total because it can affect the appearance of the desired end of the table. Portland cement binder is the backbone of concrete. This glue is material all the other ingredients into a solid mass. To the surface of the white or lighter colored, white cement available. It provides a comfortable base with colored pigments, stains, dyes, or dyes.

Vaccination and tracking

The table has been designed experimented with a variety of techniques to add interest to the surface. Decorative materials, including shells and fossils metal pieces and the rest of the natural stone, ceramics, and other miscellaneous pieces.


Concrete pigments come in many forms. Panel parcel, many based on synthetic metal oxides for durability and consistent quality.

Chemical stains are water-based solution of acid. They contain mineral salts that react with calcium hydroxide paste to produce a colored compound midwife green, blue, black, brown soluble or gold.

Dyes and pigments do not react chemically with the concrete. Often produces colors that are not available in stain reactive chemically, which are red and yellow. A plug the recommendations do regular maintenance on the surface of concrete countertops but has reduced the need for new paid for activity. One of the most important considerations is the completion of the stopper. Just like paint every day, clogs come in shiny, satin, matte, or a flat finish Concrete countertop.

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