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Elements of An Eco-Friendly Kitchen: Tables and Tiles

Elements of An Eco-Friendly Kitchen: Tables and Tiles

Eco friendly countertops – New kitchen design is I’ve been dreaming about for a very long period. Long before I had my house, and I subscribe to magazines like Metropolitan Home remember that one? On the picture in the New York Times style section home

We work months ago on the floor plan, and conduct interviews Contractors and slowly but surely the selection of equipment and materials. As you can imagine, considering the mind I leaned environment, and I’ve been trying to make this project possible green. I wish to say that we are building LEED certified kitchen, but we did not. We have done what we can, while achieving a balance between the costs and all the many factors that come into play in this great project. During the project, I plan to give some updates on some of the choices we make and the materials you choose. Let’s start with counters and tiles!

Countertop material is Eco friendly countertops? Recycled materials? Something other purpose for a renewable material is easily? Or is it just something that will last a very long time? It is difficult to identify one of the “best” options and the truth, the most popular option only work environment in our kitchen. We did Paper stone (I like it, but needs a lot of care) and recycled glass countertops recycled (but beautiful gal / modern) in different bathrooms in our house. For the kitchen, and we need something that is super durable and we will work hard this kitchen!) And with the classic look good for resale value not that we are planning to sell in the near future, but you have to think about these things. In the end, we decided to go with granite for the kitchen.

We chose two colors Rockville White to the island and Lake Superior Green (dark colors) to the vicinity of the countertop. Although, the material is extracted but I am confident the durability of granite makes it a good choice in the long run. That is all about Eco friendly countertops.

Eco friendly countertops with also laminate countertops with also quartz countertops colors with also quartz countertops

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