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Making Valances for Kitchen Windows

Making Valances for Kitchen Windows

Valances for kitchen windows – Curtains is an important element in the care of the window and add style and elegance to a room. Generally the curtains are made with some form of cloth, both soft and flowy or various rigid. But they can be made from a variety of other traditional materials such as leather or fabric. Curtains can be hung himself in the windows where privacy is not a concern as the kitchen window, or can be used in conjunction with some other window treatments such as blinds and curtains. Although the curtains are purely for decorative purposes can help disguise of equipment curtain.

To make netting tufted, first you have to measure the length and width of the Valances for kitchen windows. Once you have the measurements, you can determine how much fabric you will be required to make a mosquito net. To make this particular mosquito net, fabric will need about 1 ½ times the width of the window and at least ⅓ length of the window. Fold the fabric in half and set aside.

To create a pattern of netting, paper place cards at your workstation. To determine the width of the window is marking the paper sheet at a distance of 1 ½ times the width of the window. Drawing a straight edge and bottom edge to two or three triangles are with the peak of the triangle pointing down. Once you are satisfied with netting pattern, transfer the pattern on the fabric. Cut cloth and pattern as your reference and make sure that the pattern placed on the edge of the folded fabric. Hem edge of the fabric and sew curtain pipes dark color on the sides and bottom edges of the netting. Sew tassel at the top is each triangle netting.

Cut three and 12” X1 ” a long piece of cloth for fabric remnants and fold it in half. Sewing a piece of cloth by folding them in half lengthwise will form tiebacks to install netting to casement window. Attach the curtain tiebacks and tufted on the net device tufted ready. Enjoy for making the Valances for kitchen windows.

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